Christ and Caste cannot go together

Christianity exists in India from 1st Century AD. Dalit Christians, today, form around 70% among Christians irrespective of denominations. From its inception the Church, with its Christian insights has been playing a commendable role in empowering the poor and the marginalized through various Institutions and programs that has helped a sizable percent of Dalit or Adivasi Christians to gain better positions within the Church, its domain and also in the larger society. However, the perpetuation of Caste system, a stigma within the Church, which is much against Christian teachings, even today results in Dalit Christians to undergoing diverse forms of untouchability practices, disabilities and restrictions in its hierarchy, parishes/congregations and its Institutions. Therefore, this awful context needs to be transformed for Dalit Christians to regain their dignity, equality and rightful space within Church and its domain, as ‘Christ and Caste cannot go together’.