General Secretary

Location: India/ flexible within the country  

Contract Status: Fixed term 3 years (renewable)

Closing date: 30th September 2021


About us

National Dalit Christian Watch (NDCW) is a national campaign for addressing the issues of caste and caste-based discrimination in the Church, Church based institutions and the public. NDCW is a programme of SAYS, a civil society organisation based in Tamil Nadu.

NDCW addresses the issue of caste and all its discriminatory practices against Dalit Christians both within the church and in the wider society. It advocates and campaigns with / through the Church machinery for Dalit empowerment in education, economic progress, social amity, recapture of Dalit cultural and religious roots so that Dalit Christians move towards integral progress and development in order to make the Gospel values of love, truth, justice, fraternity and equality as integral part of their life and mission.

The history of NDCW

The National Dalit Christian Watch (NDCW) is a National Platform initiated by a few like-minded Dalit Christian leaders -Theologians, Professionals, Activists, both women and men, who have been serving the Dalit community in different capacities and promoting substantial changes in the life of Dalits. These leaders, known for their commitment for both Christianity and Dalit liberation, came together and promoted this Collective, notwithstanding that some of them serve in different positions of Mainline Churches. They initiated this ‘Watch Organisation’ to ‘cleanse the Church and Society by annihilating caste’ and mainly to ‘ensure equality, justice and rightful space for Dalit Christians within Church and its Institutions’.

The Core values of NDCW are democracy, transparency, accountability, equality, gender and sexual minorities – based justice, and inclusiveness.

The vision: 

NDCW envisions an inclusive Church and society without any discrimination, exclusion and other forms of practices like untouchability on the basis of caste, gender, ethnicity and any other identities and differences.

To know more about the Campaign please visit:

About the role

Looking for dynamic person for role of General Secretary– a committed leadership position, to promote and build a campaign for the empowerment of Dalit Christians, pan India.

Essential Qualifications:

  • A Post graduate in Sociology, Social work, Psychology, Law, Theology or qualification in development studies.

 Desirable Qualifications:

  • An ecumenical outlook with an experience of working on Dalit rights advocacy and lobbying
  • Willingness to travel, and efficacy to liaise, network and build effective teams is a must.
  • Accountability, proactiveness, proficiency in English and at least one regional languages, besides strong documentation skills

About you

We are looking for a General Secretary, who will take a central and leadership role in the organization’s success. Looking after the National Secretariat, Campaign programmes planning, design and execution, support to the other secretaries, state and regional chapters located across the country. Willingness and ability to work with highly empowered Core Team that consists of founding members of the NDCW.   You will be reporting to the Chairperson / Cochair persons of the NDCW guided by the mandate provided by the Executive Committee through the Core Team/ General Body.

The General Secretary will have a proven track record in working in the civil society, ecumenical agencies or institutions and good track record on protection and promotion of Dalit Rights/ Dalit Christian Rights in India.  You should be able to work with other professionals, lead the team, work in harmony with state leadership teams, and the wider ecumenical network.

You should be able to work in high pressure & sensitive situation and should have the capacity to confidently represent the issues of Dalit Christians among the Churches, Church based institutions and wider society at large.  You should have reasonable knowledge of the rights of the Dalits, Dalit Christians and their constitutional and legal rights as an equal citizen of the country.

You should possess in depth knowledge and experience in formulating campaign strategy, identifying priorities and effective implementation strategies of the Campaign.  You should have excellent communication skills, project management, documentation skills and independently engage with the supporters and stakeholders of the Campaign.  You should also have basic management skills of project management, compliances of the statutory laws that govern civil society sector, and willingness to work with other agencies, networks and ecumenical bodies.   You should also take responsibilities of resource mobilisation and effective implementation of the programmes.

You should be confident in making decisions and advise the Executive Committee, Core Team and other state and national chapters as per the essential purpose and vision of the Campaign.

You would be willing to travel extensively as part of initiating and strengthening the campaign work across the country, meet community leaders, thought leaders, ecumenical and church leaders, Government and legislative leaders, human rights organisations, commissions and other statutory bodies to advance the rights of the Dalit Christians,

Knowledge, skills and experience required for the role includes:

  • Must have sound understanding of Conversion of Dalits to Christianity an expression of both spiritual and social empowerment.
  • Should possess more than 10+ years of experience of working in the social sector with at least 5 years’ experience in senior management role
  • Must have sound knowledge to interpret theological and constitutional provisions for the cause.
  • Must build a movement bringing awareness among the people especially Christians of Dalit origin to exercise their right to faith, worship, and equality
  • Must undertake campaigns, Fact finding, public hearing, etc., to challenge the practices of discrimination in the church and the society
  • Must build consciousness to demand for equal rights and equitable justice to Dalit Christians
  • Must work to empower Dalit Christians to claim for the due share of resources, opportunities and programs for their development
  • Must be open-minded and able to articulate the vision theologically and logically to promote and develop ecumenical alliances, partnerships and programs for peace and harmony with other communities
  • Must be able to build and train a strong and committed team from the national to local level to disseminate the goals and be deployed for the cause
  • Travel widely to liaise with different churches, likeminded organizations and government officials whenever needed to promote the vision of the organization
  • Must be proactive, open to ideas transparent, and accountable with strong documentation experience
  • Must have the efficacy for persuasive Advocacy and strong Lobbying for the cause.
  • Sound knowledge and experience of managing delivery of programmes or projects.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work with diverse groups
  • Ability to manage and lead teams, consultants, advisory and other service providers


  • Team Player with engaging personality that both commands respect and wins support.
  • Proactive, self-motivated and passionate
  • Strategically minded, creative and analytical thinker
  • Ability to work hard and motivate self and others

 How to apply

Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested to submit:

Updated Resume to by or before 30th September 2021.  

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. If you have not been contacted by 25th October 2021, please assume your application was unsuccessful.

Persons who had already applied for this post, need not apply again.

 Further information:

This position is open to Indian Nationals from Dalit Christian communities only.



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