Ref: Recent Report of NCPCR – Delhi

To All Heads Christian Educational Institutions, Commissions & Boards for Schools, India

 Dear Fr/Sr/Dr/Mr/Mrs

NDCW is a National Campaign for challenging the perpetuation of Caste and Caste-based discrimination within Church and its domain and striving to ensure rights and space for Dalit Christians mainly within the Church based Institutions.

We write this with reference to the recent report of NCPCR, Delhi, which states that nearly 13,000 Schools run by Christian Organisations in India have saved around Rs. 2,500 crores by not offering admissions to the students from EWS, which is mandated by the RTE Act. In addition to that, the same report points out that these schools cater to around 8% of the minority population in general while Maharashtra and Meghalaya cater to 30%.

NDCW is disheartened to note this abominable status and  expresses its anguish and disappointment of this alarming factor, as these Schools, even Colleges and all other apex Educational and Medical institutions run by Christian Organisations, have been established by Christian Missionaries with a Zeal to help the poor and the marginalised, especially those who belong to vulnerable communities viz Dalits and Adivasis.  Off late, these Christian Minority Institutions are largely administered and managed by Christian Non-Dalits, who consider ‘MERIT as the qualification’ for admission and thereby they deviated from the Christian values and deliberately chose to serve the Affluent and Non-Christians mostly, leaving behind the poor – Dalits/Adivasis and particularly the disadvantaged Dalit Christians.

This NCPCR report authenticates the offensive status of Christian Educational Institutions which violates the Christian insight – the option for the poor. These Institutions increasingly, ‘talk about merit, ranking and top-level credits’, and as a result, they prefer to assist and serve the affluent and dominant, who are mostly Non-Dalits and Non-Christians.  It is disgusting that only a negligible percentage are the beneficiaries from the vulnerable communities much against to the preaching and teaching of Jesus.

On realizing this anti-Christian maneuvering, NDCW is of the strong opinion that the Minority rights and privilege ensured by Constitution, have also been grossly violated and abused by the Christian Institutions as they serve for only 8% of the Minority Population. What a shame on the part of these Institutions who trick both the Govt and also the Christian population, wherein Dalits and Locals form majority !

With a saddened and agitated feeling, NDCW, raise this APPEAL with you, with the following demands:

  • Please ensure that the Students from EWS – especially the poor Dalit Christians- are given priority in admissions of your institutions, not only to fill up the quota under the RTE Act, but also to be in line with the Missionary Zeal and Christian insights and ethos.
  • Please share with us a clear ‘class and subject wise Disaggregated Data’ as to the number of Total Students admitted / studying in your institution and how much are able to get access in your Institutions from the Economically poor background, that too mainly from Dalit Christian families.
  • Please communicate with us, of any affirmative action policy that your Institution has evolved and being enforced to provide space for students from the marginalised and vulnerable communities, especially the Dalit Christians.
  • Please share with us the data/status of Dalits and Dalit Christians who are in the Administration of your institutions – viz – Governing Boards, Principals, Secretaries, Rectors, Deans, HoDs, Faculty and Non-Faculty Staff members.
  • Please, give us an update of how many Dalit Christian Students were/are helped by your Institutions to avail the Scholarships being allocated for Minorities.

We are for sure, that you will consider this APPEAL very important /pertinent and provide all the data that are asked for, in the larger interest of Dalit Christians and also of your Institutions. In case, you prefer to ignore this, then please note that NDCW will be constrained to approach other Forums both Constitution-based and also the Judiciary to get justice for the poor Dalit Christians, who fail to get access to your Institutions, for whom only, they were promoted and being managed in the name of Minorities as well.

We affirm that Christ and Caste will not go together!

Equally, Christ and Rich will not get along !!

Yours in Christ,

(Rev Dr. Vincent Manoharan)

Chair – NDCW


Mobile: 8220593388

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